Alcohol Resistant Labels and Cryogenic Labels

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Alcohol Resistant 

The alcohol resistant coating ensures the quality of the printed portion of your label throughout its life cycle. It does not allow for smudging or wiping away of ink due to contact with alcohol. 

Cryogenic Labels

FGM011 Ultra Low Temperature pressure sensitive adhesive shows exceptional adhesion to moderately frosty to damp surfaces typical of cold temperatures and deep freeze applications. The adhesive is specifically designed for ultra-low temperature applications as low as -90⁰ C. Best results when first applied at room temperature to clean and dry glass or plastic.

For less demanding freezer applications the adhesive can be applied at freezer conditions. FGM011 will overcome a moderate degree of frost or dampness when the surface is the wiped dry of excessive moisture before application. These also have the ability to be alcohol resistant. 

Adhesive parameters
Recommended Application Temperature:   >15⁰ C

Recommended Service Temperature Range:  -90⁰ C to 75⁰ C

FDA Compliance  21CFR175. 105


To order these labels go to our customized label section and fill out an inquiry. A customer service representative will be happy to assist you with your label solutions.

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