+VIPColor VP485 Label Printer Complete w/Ethernet

VIPColor VP485 Label Printer Complete w/Ethernet

Item #: VP1-485AD

The VP485 is a great entry color label printer for manufacturers or brand owners who have a wide portfolio of products marketed in many diverse markets and for private label. Print houses that require short print jobs between 1 5,000 labels per job run will find this a useful digital printing solution. Small businesses like tea shops, specialty food companies, shoe companies, wine shops, print shops, and more use the VP485 to create their labels. These labels are used for products, shipping, warehousing, and many other applications.

Price: $2,995.00
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  • Versatility - Prints most types of labels, ranging from secondary labels to prime labels
  • Compact - Desktop form fit, suitable for offices where floor space is limited
  • Quality - Professional and vibrant colored prime graphical labels
  • Variability - Variable data, like bar codes, serial numbers, color coding, and more can be printed as needed
  • GHS / BS-5609 Color Label Printers for Chemicals
  • Medical Device and Healthcare Packaging
  • Logistics and Inventory Management
  • Manufacturing Labels and Packaging
  • Retail Product Labeling
  • Small Business Labeling
  • On-Demand Printing