+VIPColor VP700 Label Printer Complete with 1 Set of Inks & Printhead

VIPColor VP700 Label Printer Complete with 1 Set of Inks & Printhead

Item #: VP-700-STD

Whether you are a brand owner, a label converter or a print house, the VP700 empowers you to print labels and create sharp product packaging on demand and in the exact quantity needed. The VP700 is excellent for Build-to-order/Build-on-demand supply management where there are hundreds of product variants and offerings including private labels.

Price: $7,995.00
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Printing at 12ips, you can print thousands of labels literally in minutes! Large 250ml individual ink tanks reduce frequent need for ink replenishment. The label printer is ruggedly built with high grade steel making it suitable for use in a production environment.

VP700 Benefits at a Glance:

  • Lower Cost 3 to 5x lower than Digital (mini) Press
  • Low Cost per Label 1/2 of low end desktop printers
  • Compact Fits on desktop and in the production line
  • High Quality Crisp pictures, text, and barcodes at 1,600 dpi
  • Fast Setup and Turnaround
  • GHS / BS-5609 Color Label Printers for Chemicals
  • Medical Device and Healthcare Packaging
  • Logistics and Inventory Management
  • Manufacturing Labels and Packaging
  • Retail Product Labeling
  • Small Business Labeling
  • Labels for Specialty Coffee Roasters, Shops, and Cafes
  • On-Demand Printing