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Labels on packaged food products promote your brand and help consumers make informed decisions by providing detailed information about your product. There are important decisions to be made in the design and construction processes needed to complete your vision of a perfectly labeled product. Mediajet has the experience, knowledge, and passion to help get you to the finish line.

Following the design of your label, Mediajet is prepared to align your design with the right label material and printing processes that will enhance production efficiency, decrease costs, and guarantee customer satisfaction. We are confident that the label we help to create will improve your brand recognition and retention, and foster trust between you and the consumer.

Key Information found on Labels for Packaged Food Products

Labels for packaged food products should embody nutritional and safety facts, coupled with design features that showcase the type of food, the name of your brand, and of course, colors and images to make it pop. Brand recognition is vital among the vast array of similar food products on the shelf. Depending on the packaging design, food labels can present all the brand and nutritional information on one label, or be split into two or more labels that are placed in separate locations on the package.

Are Nutritional Facts Required on all Food Product Labels?

According to the FDA, it is a legal requirement to display nutrition facts, and safe handling and consumption information on packaged foods. This allows consumers to make informed choices about the food they buy. If you do not have an official labeling exemption, chances are your product will need a label that reveals the nutritional details. Foods sold that don’t need a label include:

  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Food that does not contain significant amounts of any nutrients
  • Some meat products and fish
  • Food prepared and sold in the same establishment, and only that establishment

The important information included on the Nutritional Facts Label is broken down into five main parts:

  1. The first is serving size. This gives the consumer an idea of how the product can fit into their diet.
  2. The second is the number of calories in one serving of the product. Calories are an important aspect of the diet.
  3. The third is the list of nutrients that fit into a person’s dietary needs.
  4. The fourth is the percent daily value. This information is usually found on the right side of the food label and provides more useful context for each nutrient.
  5. The fifth part of a food label is the note at the bottom. It explains what the daily value percentages are based on; usually, this will be a 2,000-calorie diet.

What Nutrients Are Mandatory?

If you look at food product labels often, you will notice that they all contain the same list of nutrients. This is because there are a number of nutrients that must be on a food label for any product. These nutrients are:

  • Total, saturated, and trans fats
  • Cholesterol
  • Sodium
  • Total carbohydrate
  • Dietary fiber
  • Total and added sugars
  • Protein
  • As well as these vitamins and minerals: vitamin D, calcium, iron, and potassium

If you do not have these nutrients on your food label, you may face penalties such as fines, profit, business loss, or legal action.

How Do I Get This Information?

The information on food labels is found through lab testing on the product. Food testing labs use an extensive database and advanced technology to find the values and percentages that must be listed on a food product. A small margin of error is allowed on food label calculations, so you can focus on getting the most accurate number possible without being afraid of the slight inaccuracies that may come with human and equipment error.

What Else Should Be On My Product?

The nutritional food label doesn’t encompass every piece of information that should be on your product. What isn’t usually included on the food label, but should be on your package, includes ingredients, freshness, or best-by date, whether the product is organic, whether it is made with GMOs, and an allergen declaration. Also, don’t forget that health claims on food labels should be backed up by nutrition facts!

More Considerations

Accurate design and construction of packaged food product labels will depend on many things:

  1. Product Type
    Labeling regulations vary among industries. For example, labels for foods such as granola bars often look different than the labels for multivitamins and dietary supplements.
  2. Aesthetic of Product
    While you do not have much room to customize the food label on your product, you can still make sure it fits into your product’s general design and aesthetic, by doing things like using colored borders around the label to make it more visible. Another popular option is to integrate your company mission into the ingredients list. You can do this by emphasizing the cleanliness of your ingredients below the list.
  3. Packaging
    The packaging of your product will have an impact on the size and material of your food labels. Size should be proportional to packaging, and most times, the material should match the packaging. If your product is packaged in a glossy wrap, then a matte nutrition facts label may look out of place.
  4. Your Vision
    It’s your product–it’s your vision! The placement and style of your food label can reflect your brand and the ideas you associate with it. Get creative with your packaging and the placement of mandatory information! Make sure to catch the eye of your customers, and to make all information easy to read and quickly comparable, even for those who may not know how to read food labels.

Why Choose Mediajet For Your Food Labels?

Mediajet’s team is dedicated to helping you streamline your label production with the right equipment, processes, and label materials. Our expertise guarantees it! Whether you are looking for custom, preprinted, or blank food labels we will work closely with you to get a clear understand of your job specific requirements and recommend the printing operation and label materials that best fit your unique situation.

When you choose Mediajet, you choose:

  1. Experience
    At Mediajet, our team members have been in the label manufacturing and printing industry for 40+ years–we’ve seen it all. From simple to complex, we know how to identify the best printer, label media, and printing processes to optimize production efficiencies and lower costs.
  2. Superior Printing Equipment and Materials
    Mediajet can identify labeling solutions for your most challenging projects. Whether you want to print your own labels, or outsource your label production, Mediajet has a solution.
    As an exclusive reseller for Epson ColorWorks products, we offer top-of-the-line Epson ColorWorks, On-Demand, Inkjet Color Label Printers and consumables that are equipped to print quality food labels and take your production to the next level. These inkjet desktop printers are specifically designed to produce crisp texts and stunning colors, make on-demand data changes, and print on a variety of inkjet coated label materials. All of Epson ColorWorks printers support most major design applications, and feature reliable, easy to use, robust designs.
    Not able or ready to print your own labels? We have several different digital and flexographic printers that can manufacture pre-printed, blank, and custom high quality labels.
  3. Quick Turnaround Time
    We know what it’s like to run a business. Sometimes, you need a quick shipment of labels to avoid losses in profit or reputation. With a large inventory of ready to ship labels, your stock label order usually ships within a day. Mediajet has the capacity and printing equipment to reduce average lead times on custom orders.


Mediajet has the experience and knowledge to identify solutions for simple to complex food labeling projects. We value our customers and endeavor to build lasting relationships. As an industry leader in label manufacturing and printing, and an exclusive Epson Colorworks Partner, we are confident you will find a solution you feel great about. Allow Mediajet to bring your vision of a perfect food label to fruition.

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