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In today’s business world, a well-designed label can elevate the consumers first impression of your brand. Consumers are much more likely to buy products that are visually pleasing and stand out from the crowd. With all the cannabis-infused and inspired products available on the market, you need a label that will boost your product above the competition. Before a cannabis product goes to market there are several different labels used during the production phase of that product. These labels usually require identification, variable data, and tamper evident features, just to name a few.

Mediajet specializes in creating distinctive eye-catching labels for your cannabis products that can take your business to the next level.

Important Characteristics of Cannabis Labels

Product labels are an incredibly important aspect of your marketing. Before you jump in and design your perfect label, there are a few things you should know:

1.    Product Branding

Before you start looking at labels, you probably have a vision or developing idea of how your brand will look on your cannabis product. Branding includes a set of images, colors, phrases, and more aspects that make up your company’s image and aesthetic. It may also include mission statements and associations between companies or movements. Your brand should be consistent across any avenue of your business, and labeling is no exception!

When searching for or designing cannabis labels, make sure that they align with your branding. This way, your customers will immediately recognize your products and business image as they search through a wide variety of similar cannabis products. A strong product branding can also help your customers associate your product with certain types of environmental, sustainable, social, and economic benefits, which can be a great way to drive sales!

2.    Eye-Catching Design

The first step in creating an eye-catching cannabis label is to create a beautiful design. The next step is to consult a professional to transform your design into an impressive product label.  Our Mediajet Team are experts in the process of creating your vision of the perfect label.  We will work with you to solve design challenges and identify the optimal materials and adhesives for your custom, preprinted, or blank labels. An attractive label encompasses bright colors, bold fonts, and expressive pictures. These design features coupled with the right printer will bring your vision to life. Every eye-catching label requires a specific printer and printing process to achieve this.

Mediajet is confident that our on-site inkjet, laser, digital, and flexographic printers will deliver high quality labels and happy customers.

3.    What to Include on Your Label

What information is needed on your cannabis labels? Some customers, especially those who are new to buying cannabis products, may wonder how to read dispensary labels. You don’t want your product to get lost on the shelf, so you need to make sure you present the most pertinent information in a way that compliments the design. .

This information must include the name of your product and any regulated data, and should also include a short description of its intended uses. Don’t overwhelm your customer with facts and information, but make sure they know what they’re buying. Of course, the font and color of this information should match your product branding.

4.    Your Label Should Match Your Packaging

The label is the finishing touch of your product’s packaging. It is important to initially consider how your label design will present on the type of packaging you choose. Your product label should complement the design of your package. For example, if your packaging is made of a shiny or reflective material, then glossy labels may be the perfect match. However, if you are going for a more natural look, you may opt for matte labels.

What To Consider When Designing A Cannabis Product Label

1.    Type of Material

While it may not seem like a big deal, the material that your label is made of has a large impact on the overall appearance and vibe of the product. Mediajet offers several different label materials often used for cannabis labels:

  • Matte Synthetic
  • Gloss Synthetic
  • Matte Paper
  • Gloss Paper

Synthetic Labels, gloss or matte, are more durable than paper labels and feature a stronger adhesive. Durable synthetic label material is often used to make chemical, pharmaceutical and tamper evident labels because of its resistance to tearing, smudging and fading.

Paper labels can be created with a shiny gloss, lustrous appearance or a matte non-reflective, subtle presence. Paper labels are considered non-durable and are often applied to products that are consumed immediately and have a short shelf life. We call these products Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG).

1.    Label Shape and Size

The Label shape and size is another crucial aspect of designing a cannabis label that you should not overlook. The size of your cannabis product label will largely depend on the size of the container or packaging you are using. With today's broad range of label printers you can create standard or custom product labels of almost any shape and size.  Common cannabis product labels have small to medium dimensions in rectangular shapes with rounded corners. Other interesting die cut shapes include, circles, ovals, and stars, but the options are endless.  Mediajet is equipped to create labels that fit your most challenging packaging designs.                           

Why Choose Mediajet For Cannabis Labels?

If you are ready to increase profits and boost the success of your business, Mediajet is here to help! Here are some of the benefits of choosing Mediajet for cannabis labels:

1.    Custom Cannabis Labels

If you have a specific label design in mind for your cannabis product, Mediajet can help you create it!  Our expert team will work with you to bring your vision to life, no matter what it takes. Our portfolio includes an impressive array of beautifully printed custom labels. In an industry that relies so heavily on distinguishing yourself from the competition, a custom cannabis label may be exactly what you need.

2.    Our Mission

Mediajet’s mission is simple: to identify solutions and offer products that lower costs and increase the productivity of your company’s label printing processes. We are committed to working with each customer to find the most efficient and effective solutions for whatever problems may arise during the printing process and ensuring customer satisfaction.

3.    Our Experience

When attempting to elevate your brand with the best possible cannabis labels, the help of an experienced professional is invaluable in today's business world.  Mediajet’s expertise in printing cannabis labels ensures that we can tackle any question you might have and offer advice for any aspect of the printing process.

4.    On-Demand Printing

We know what it’s like to run a business–you need things done fast. We have several different on-demand printers to manufacture a variety of labels. This enables you to make frequent changes to your labels, request different shapes and sizes, and make modify your order without a problem. Our printing process guarantees a high-quality label every time, no matter how many changes your label has gone through.

5.    Value Add Partner with Epson 

If you are looking for an outstanding, on-demand, color label printer, Mediajet has you covered. We resell a large variety of color label on-demand printers, as well as ink cartridges, accessories and labels. This means that you don’t have to hunt around to streamline your label printing process. Also, if you aren’t exactly sure what you need, our experts will be happy to help!

Mediajet Delivers!

If you need cannabis labels, look no further than Mediajet. With our expertise, dedication, and passion, you can be sure that your cannabis labels will reflect your vision with a high quality every time. We know it can be difficult to navigate the complex world of marketing and branding, which is why our team is always ready to help.

Don’t wait! Take your business to the next level with beautiful cannabis labels by Mediajet.

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